Apr 20 2016

Hunter Training—Gunsite Is Not Just for Personal Defense

Like everything else they do, Gunsite’s Hunter Prep Class is world-class. Mossberg recently hosted a group of writers at Gunsite’s Paulden, AZ facility. There they tested the Mossberg Patriot and worked on their skills during the three-day class with instructor Il Ling New.

Gunsite instructor and professional hunter Il Ling New points out the ideal spot to put the brakes on a charging grizzly.

Gunsite instructor and professional hunter Il Ling New points out the ideal spot to
put the brakes on a charging grizzly.


Instructor Il Ling New illustrates a proper supported position for fast, accurate shooting in the field.


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Apr 5 2016

Hunter Training at Gunsite

Many people are aware of the law enforcement and tactical training that Gunsite Academy is known for…but they also cater to hunters seeking to hone their skills. In this video, Gunsite instructor Il Ling New discusses some of the skills and features of this interesting course.

This video was originally posted at Safari Club International.

Oct 4 2013

Going Long Distance

Going for the long shot in Afghanistan. Il Ling New On The Wild Side

For those who have never shot long distances, nestling behind a rifle for 600-yard or longer shot can seem daunting.

With all the hype about long-range shooting these days, a “short-range” shooter might feel a little left out. I’m a die-hard hunter who believes that getting close is as much a part of the hunting experience as is making every shot a clean vital-zone hit.

As a rifle rangemaster at one of the nation’s most popular shooting academies, I’ve seen and heard of my share of excellent shooters and hunters. One that garnered my particular admiration was a sheep hunter who, having gotten his Grand Slam, was working on international species—his and personal goal was to take every one at 200 yards or under. Of course, this could have been an exaggeration, the same as those stories of successful shots at a 500-yard running elk. How refreshing to hear someone speak proudly of hunting—not just shooting—skills.

Yes, I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to hunting. Here I am, decades into my shooting career—as a guide, client, and rifle rangemaster at the nation’s oldest private firearms training facility—and I just took my first shots beyond 500 yards.

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