Nov 6 2020

Your Pistol Didn’t Fire? Here’s what to do.

There you are practicing at the range, committed to your marksmanship basics, peering intently at the front sight as you control your trigger press….anddddd…..CLICK.

How can this be? You’ve done everything right. You’re shooting factory loaded ammunition. Your firearm is squeaky clean and minty fresh.

Get over it. In fact, accept it. As with any mechanical device, things can go wrong with your pistol, and they will. Your acceptance of this will allow you to stay calm and fix the issue to your best ability. Your job is to know which problems you can solve – and how.

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Jan 9 2020

Women Need to Develop a Concealed-Carry Mindset

Women need to develop a concealed  carry mindset.

How does concealed-carry training differ for women?” As a firearms trainer at Gunsite Academy, when I was asked this question, the expected topics sprang to mind: Should we adapt our clothing to firearms, or is it the other way around? Should we choose handguns that are best suited for us smaller folk? Should we carry in a purse (on-body carry is always better, but there are times…)?

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Aug 22 2019

Squib Loads and Hangfires – How to Handle Them

Your handgun just went bang – sort of.

Something didn’t quite sound or feel right. You heard a not-as-loud-as-usual “bang” and/or felt a lighter-than-normal recoil. It’s entirely possible that a “squib load” found it’s way into your ammo supply.

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