Hunters, Housewives, Cops Learn Gun Skills from Il Ling New

(12-12) 04:00 PDT Prescott, Ariz. — The gunman slinked up a ravine, hunting for Cape buffalo amid the junipers. A single bead of sweat trickled from his right temple and down his cheek. At his shoulder, Il Ling New, the shooter’s mentor, crept alongside, unconsciously fingering the exposed tips of rifle cartridges slotted in her gun belt. “See him?” she whispered. The gunman hesitated for a moment and then dropped to prone. “Got him.”

New locks in with a rangefinder: “398 yards.” The shooter steadied his rifle for only a moment, just as he had been trained by New, and then pulled the trigger. The blast boomed across the hills. An instant later, the ring of lead hitting metal echoed back.

“Got him,” New said. The gunman was Greg Rodriguez of Texas, preparing for a trip to Africa, taking his final exam in an advanced rifle course. The target was a metal plate.

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