Aug 15 2013

Tips and Tactics: Hunting Safety

Whether you consider yourself an expert hunter or this hunting season will be your first, it’s always important to review safety rules. Il Ling New reviews hunter safety in this week’s Tips & Tactics video.

May 22 2011

Defensive Team Tactics for Couples

“Any team member, needs to talk to other team members so that they have a plan formulated. I doesn’t have to be a very complex plan–it can be the ‘baby-steps’ of a plan. The important thing is that everybody has a plan, a common plan in mind, and the first steps of that plan in mind, so that they can execute together. And one thing a woman has to keep in mind also is that she does not need to, nor should she, rely completely upon–say–her husband, or her son, or the man of the team to give her direction. She needs to be able to think, and react, and act on whatever information she’s getting, just as much as he does.”

A great segment with Il Ling and Sheriff Jim Wilson from American Guardian TV.

Apr 29 2011

Women’s Concealed Carry Issues

It’s unfortunate, but the fact is that the holster industry tends to give women short shrift when it comes to supplying gear appropriate for their concealment needs. In this Sheriff’s Tip from American Guardian Television, Il Ling and Sheriff Jim Wilson discuss the special issues women face when choosing a concealed carry rig that works for them.