Lessons for the Ladies

Self-defense is not solely the responsibility of men, nor should it be.

Most of us in the shooting community have embraced the idea that we are each responsible for our own personal safety. But if you’re a woman, there might be far more to this. Not only are we responsible for our own safety, but we might very well be the final line of defense for others in our lives.

The harsh reality is that even a sub-average criminal will try to remove his biggest obstacle first—and that will most likely be any man you’re with. That leaves you.

What about when you’re out with the girls, or the kids? Has anyone given much thought to what to do when a bad guy appears? Well, he has. That leaves you.

Right about now, you should be getting very serious about moving forward with that plan you’ve been hatching—the one in which you learn more about self-defense. Specifically, the one where you learn how to use (or get better with) that great equalizer—the firearm.

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